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6 Sessions - Moving things (Holistic package)

6 Sessions - Moving things (Holistic package)

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Committing to moving things in your life means moving them inside you - physically, emotionally, psychologically and energetically.

Only you can start taking those steps but finding guidance and support with me can help to get things moving!

Thai Yoga Massage, Abdominal Massage, Sound Healing and Somatic Bodywork and the framework of Guidance/Support/Coaching around that are tools to work deeply with your physical and energetic body - to release deep trauma/issues or simply to give your physical body a much needed reset.

6 Sessions spread over 2 months according to your individual needs and goals.


The right combination of all of this over a few weeks/months can be the integration that you need to work through something.

Thai Yoga Massage is to relax the physical body, build trust and start relaxing and easing back into your body and the work ahead.

The Singing Bowls work with the energetic system/nervous system of the body to get into an even deeper state of relaxation and opening up for the third session.

Deeper sessions are focused on getting to and releasing whatever it is that you want to work on, through Somatic Bodywork/Trauma Release with the tools of Bodywork/Thai Yoga Massage techniques, Breathing/Breathwork, and verbal guidance.

How it works:

We will meet for an initial conversation about:

What you want to work on/through/release

How much you are - mentally - physically - and emotionally/energetically -
aware of that issue/trauma you want to work on.

(There is no "right" amount of awareness for any of it that you need for these sessions)

Where and how you can feel it (mostly) or not feel it (dissociation) in your body.

Then we discuss the treatments/tools to use and will find time and schedule the first session(s).

(This preparation and the aftercare/integration (each 1-2 hrs.) counts as one of the 6 sessions)

The sessions

We will schedule the sessions according to your time, goals, energy level and intention - step by step.

After each session I recommend that you make space and time to rest. To have as much peace and quiet as possible to let your system integrate, process and release.

That means you should ideally have time off, not have anything much to do right afterwards and as much time and space for yourself to REST as possible. Drink plenty of water and SLEEP as much as needed.

Aftercare and integration.

After the last session we will meet again for an integrational/processing and closing conversation.

Please contact me immediately if anything comes up after the sessions (especially after the last one) that you want or need support with immediatly - whatever it is - I will be there for you to help you through it and process.

That can be all kinds of physical and emotional things/sensations, feelings, feeling super "high", super low/depressed, just tired, angry, frustrated, confused or anything else.


Looking forward to connect.
Please contact me if you have any questions!


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