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Bodywork Iceland

Bodywork/Thai yoga massage/Abdominal Massage

Bodywork/Thai yoga massage/Abdominal Massage

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Whether you "just" need a little care for your body, you're feeling stiff or sore, you're working out a lot, running, cycling or not doing "enough" for your body ... you simply need some care and touch, want to work on a specific physiological or emotional problem ... somatic bodywork/thai yoga massage is for you.

- I will contact you to find the best time for your appointment after purchase. -

Working with the physical body.

Bodywork/Thai yoga massage offers a thorough toe to head treatment that works with pressure points, massage and soft opening movements of the joints.

It is practiced on a thin mattress and blankets on the ground with you lying down
fully clothed and the massage therapist working with your body while you can just relax and enjoy.

The massage is intended to work with and adjust imbalances and tension of the body so that you can feel relaxed and through that enjoy a deep relaxation of the mind as well.

The massage works with the whole body: feet, toes, legs, hips, back, stomach, arms, hands, fingers, shoulders, neck, head and face.

Somatic bodywork.

Why is it good to work with the body and nervous system as well as with the conscious mind (mindfulness practice and therapy)?

Because the physical body and nervous system both store and accumulate stress and trauma, so we need to work somaticly to help heal and find balance from BOTH sides.

Working with somatic trauma release.

If you're up for going deeper into how and what our body stores and how our nervous system is interconnected with our physical body this is for you.

Trauma isn't all in your head, it's also in your heart, your body, your nervous system, your stomach, your restless legs, your migrene, your racing heart, your anxiety attacks, your trembling voice, your short or heavy breathing ...

It wasn't only your mind that went through your trauma, it was your whole body and the body remembers even if we work on the mind (through therapy and coaching)


Somatic bodywork can be a great addition to work on trauma especially if you're already seeing a therapist and do any other self care practices.


3 Sessions in 3 days -> The power of 3 (3-Session package)
6 Sessions in 2 months + yoga pass -> Moving things (Holistic package)
1 Year - 12 Sessions + yoga pass


The massage is a mixture of massaging with the hands, pressure points and movements and stretches of the body.

I recommend wearing warm, comfortable and loose clothing that is made from natural fibres/fabric. For example: leggings, thermal underwear, a long-sleeved shirt made of soft wool or cotton. Please avoid clothes made from synthetics as well as zippers, buttons and if possible even rubber bands of any kind (at the waist or ankles for example).

It is best to not wear a (sports) bra or anything else constricting or uncomfortable.

Generally I try to find the right pressure for everybody but of course we are all individuals and I encourage you to let me know about your personal preferences regarding intensity and placement, trigger areas and injuries beforehand as well as any time during the massage.

It is important not to come with a full stomach.

Please also take off all jewelry; bracelets, necklaces,
earrings and piercings (if possible).
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