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ENM/Polyamory - "Speed Meeting"

ENM/Polyamory - "Speed Meeting"

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Ethical Non Monogamy/Polyamory "speed meeting" is like speed dating but without having to ask yourself whether the other person is practicing any form of ethical-non-monogamy as well!

Finding people who are like minded and that we really connect with and are on the same page with is tricky!

This event will try to take the "edge" off a little bit by giving you a neutral open space and gives you the opportunity to meet like minded people and check for compatability!

The evenings are structured as follows:

- Introduction round (names, pronouns, expectations ...)

- Boundaries, consent and ethics - Saying NO and accepting NO

"Speed meeting" all of the participants:

1. Everybody will pair up and each person has 3-5 minutes (depending on the amount of people) to tell the other person about:

- If they are looking for something specific (If yes: what they are looking for)
- What "style" or approach they have to ENM/Polyamory
- What their experience level is (E.g. how long they have been practicing)
- Whatever else you want to share to get to know someone!

2. After the pair is done sharing and listening to everything they each have 1 minute to say YES/NO/Not sure whether they possibly want to get to know each other better.

People do NOT have to explain a NO (unless they wish to express something, but let's practice not having to justify a no in order to make people feel "comfortable")

- When all pairings are done with this there is some extra time to chat for those who connected and want to talk more or exchange contact details.

- Closing circle


That means: No "hidden" intentions like unicorn hunting, hiding partners, structures, sexuality, hierarchy or anything else - be honest and you´ll find someone who matches what your actually want!


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