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Spektrum Reykjavik

Ethical Non-Monogamy/Polyamory - "Meet-Up"

Ethical Non-Monogamy/Polyamory - "Meet-Up"

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Ethical Non-Monogamy/Polyamory - "Meet-Up"

Welcome to this regular space!

It is a space where people interested in or practicing any kind of ethical non-monogamy/polyamory/relationship anarchy come together to:

Hang out
Get to know others
Share and discuss
& get peer support/advice

We will have a rotation between:

- Casual Meet-Ups like this one

- Facilitated discussion/peer support events
(sometimes only for women and non-binary & gender queer people (no cis men allowed)

These events are FREE
although a donation for the rent
and holding the space are welcome.

There will be tea and coffee freely available!

By participating in any of our events you agree to ALL rules and guidelines and anti abuse policy of Spektrum Reykjavik.

Some of these rules are:

7.1. NO (strong) perfumes/artificial smells as many people have allergies and sensitivities towards that so be mindful with deodorant, perfume and aftershave!

7.2. NO alcohol or drugs are allowed in the space and drunk people may be denied entry or asked to leave.

7.3. Confidentiality and safe(r) space
Everything said and discussed at these events is and will be CONFIDENTIAL between the participants and we ask everyone not to share any stories or experiences that are not their own.

7.4. Inappropriate behaviour
These are not "dating" but community building events and people who only show that kind of behaviour/intention or make other people uncomfortable in any way through inappropriate advances or comments will be called in by any of our space holders and/or asked to leave or not to come again.

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