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Reykjavík Ropes

Private rope class

Private rope class

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If you are more comfortable in a private setting and want and need individual guidance and feeedback, these private classes are for you!

You can get individual lessons 1 on 1 or together with your tying partner.

We will contact you after purchase to schedule a time for the session!
(Price is per session - 2 hours)

Tying with rope can be done and experienced on many different levels
and will always depend on your own preferences and intentions
as well as the partner you are tying with.

In the private lessons we can set more
individual focus on your interest in tying:

- to be tied and learn to navigate and handle and learn about this experience.
- to tie and learn more detailed about how to use rope to give your tying partner the experience you intend to give
- to learn and experience both

In all of these we will also discuss about
SAFETY (physical and emotional) and CONSENT!


These lessons can consist of whatever you want to work on individually:

  • Safety with rope
  • Nerve damage
  • Consent
  • Getting familiar with your rope
  • How to handle it and use it on your partner
  • Basic knots/frictions and knowledge about tying to get you started

  • Counter tension
  • Munter hitch/Nodome
  • Inline cuffs/Hojo cuffs
  • Upper body ties
  • Hands in front ties
  • Hands in back ties
  • Lower body ties
  • Leg ties
  • Bodyhandling
  • Different ways to tie off rope
  • Frictions
  • Intention
  • Connection
  • Body handling/manipulation



Teacher: Katarina


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