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Sound therapy with tibetan singing bowls

Sound therapy with tibetan singing bowls

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What is sound therapy with tibetan singing bowls?

Working deeply with the nervous system for realigning, balancing and deep relaxation.

The sound vibration of tibetan singing bowls are very powerful tools to work with energetic and emotional blockages and to deeply relax the body and mind through the nervous system.

The bowls are placed on specific places on and around the body an played in a specific sequence that works with the  energy in our body and nervous system to release those blockages.

Sound therapy can be very beneficial for people who are suffering from fear, anxiety, stress, lack of confidence, anger and dysfunctionalities such as scattered minds, hyperactivity, insomnia, depression.

- I will contact you to find the best time for your appointment after purchase. -


Our bodies consist of ~60% water.

Along every energy channel/meridian in the body there is water in the surrounding cells. When the water does not flow well, the energy stagnates or gets blocked.

The singing bowls create a vibration, played with different intensities around the head and other places on (heart and solar plexus) and around (crown and root) the body, that translates into our water body like little waves that make the water move again so the sound waves can then keep travelling through the meridians/energy channels of the physical body, releasing stress and cleansing the energetic system.

I recommend wearing warm, comfortable and loose clothing that is made from natural fibres/fabric. For example: leggings, thermal underwear, a long-sleeved shirt made of soft wool or cotton. Please avoid clothes made from synthetics as well as zippers, buttons and if possible even rubber bands of any kind (at the waist or ankles for example).

It is best to not wear a (sports) bra or anything else constricting or uncomfortable.

Please also take off all jewelry; bracelets, necklaces,
earrings and piercings (if possible).
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